AbHaulier 6.12 is here

Welcome to the world of quick and easy abnormal load notification


We have detailed below what is included in this new release of AbHaulier.

For more detailed information on all the new functionality, see the NEW User Guide - What's new in AbHaulier 6.12


Load previous route

When you add an origin and destination address, AbHaulier will check if you have any previous notifications using the same addresses within the last 6 months. If changes to the route were made to your previous notifications (adding a way point(s)), AbHaulier will offer to load the changed route rather than the default route.



Default finish date based on 30 days

To create a ‘finish’ date for your notifications, AbHaulier will automatically add 30 days forward from the start date. Previously a user would have to type ‘30’ in to the finish date field.

Notice of Cancellation

AbHaulier is able to send a Notice of Cancellation to all notified authorities if a notified movement has been cancelled.

(see NEW User Guide 34 - Cancelling a notification)


Individual user signatures added to notifications

You can now add individual user signatures to each notification rather than have a ‘global’ signature for all notifications.

(see NEW User Guide 38 - Managing AbHaulier users)


Vehicle adjustments

For vehicle / trailer or articulated vehicles, a gross vehicle weight box is now included on the notification. Previously the weight was split by tractor and trailer.

We have also produced some new vehicle diagrams covering all our vehicle types. These should clarify how front / rear / left & right projections should be added by you. please take a look at these to make sure you're adding the correct dimensions, particularly for width with any left / right projections.

(see NEW User Guide 5a - Vehicle configuration diagrams)


On demand data updates

Authority contact information, global restrictions and authority boundary updates are now carried out on-demand; when a check is required, AbHaulier will check and update itself each time the software is started. No more manual updates to authority contact information!

Monthly regular reminder date

You can now set your own date for your monthly reminder to submit your Regular / Monthly notifications.


Change column order and size

Within the ‘notification records’ tab and the ‘Regular notifications’ tab, you are able to change the order and size of the columns displayed. These changes are retained after AbHaulier closes and restarts.


AbHaulier Reporting is now available

The following reports are now available within AbHaulier 6.12:

Movements by Authority
Movements by Haulier
Movements by User
Active Regulars

If you have any other reports, you’d like us to add, please get in touch.

(see NEW User Guide 36 - AbHaulier Reporting)


Auto-copy for annual indemnity

When submitting your annual indemnity, AbHaulier will automatically include any ‘copy to depot address’ email addresses into cc of the indemnity. AbHaulier will also store a copy of each indemnity sent.


ESDAL bug for crane companies solved

For notifications submitted by crane companies, ESDAL was rejecting NEN notifications as there was no O licence number added. Despite this being an ESDAL bug (crane companies do not need an O licence) it was quicker for us to ensure AbHaulier adds n/a to the O licence field if there is not an O licence number specified in your company set up
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