Improvements to Regular Notification Functionality

AbHaulier will now check whether there have been any changes made to a Regular notification since it was submitted the previous month.
If changes have been made to:

•    Vehicle details
•    The route (origin and destination address and route instructions)
•    Comments field

The title of the notification will be changed from ‘MOVEMENT NOTIFICATION’ to ‘MONTHLY MOVEMENT NOTIFICATION – CHANGES MADE’ and the title will be in RED.

If no changes have been made to the notification the title of the notification will read ‘MONTHLY MOVEMENT NOTIFICATION – NO CHANGES MADE’ and will be in GREEN.

See examples

Important note:

If you have Regular notifications already set up in AbHaulier, you'll need to read User Guide 34 Updating your Regular notifications for AbHaulier 6.11  before you send out your next set of Regular notifications

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