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Recommend AbHaulier & AbHaulier LT

If you know someone that would benefit from using AbHaulier or the free version, AbHaulier LT (with reduced functionality!), tell them about it below.

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Your friend [ Clare ]  of [Cascade Transport <> ] has suggested you might be interested in AbHaulier, the software [ Clare ] uses to produce and submit abnormal load notifications. AbHaulier is already used to submit around 65% of all abnormal load notifications across the UK.

You can find out more about AbHaulier by clicking here. There is a 30 day free trial of the software available too.

  • Free Trial, free training and free support
  • Producing and submitting a notification takes only a minute or two
  • Route planning is based on Google maps so it’s user friendly with drag and drop route alteration
  • Multiple vehicles can be added to a notification
  • Regular or monthly notifications can be saved and sent out each month in a couple of clicks
  • Each notification contains a map link so drivers and authorities can easily see the notified route
  • Network Rail structures and their weight tolerances are displayed as well as over 5000 other abnormal load restrictions
  • Notifications can be branded to suit your company

There is also a FREE TO USE version of the software that can be downloaded here.

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